Healthy Dog Food Will Never Have These 5 Ingredients

**Note from 2nd Chance Dachshund Rescue – We ALWAYS recommend a fresh diet over kibble! :)

Dog food manufacturers are expected to meet certain quality and labeling standards and the Association of American Feed Control Officials assists with this. However, many of the cheaper brands only meet the minimum standard of healthy dog food and may actually contain unhealthy ingredients. While they will keep a dog alive, they will not necessarily help the dog thrive. Read More

5 Warning Signs That Your Dog Is Obese and Needs a Change

We have all heard that childhood obesity, to say nothing of obesity in general, is a serious and growing problem in the United States. One attendant problem is that if dog owners are gaining and retaining weight, chances are that their dogs are as well. No matter whose research you’re reading, the findings are consistent: More than half of all dogs in America are overweight or obese. Read Morefat-dog-02

Five Red Flag Indicators That It’s Time to Find a New Vet

Five Red Flag Indicators That It’s Time to Find a New Vet
by Nancy Kay, DVM, ACVIM

When someone learns that I’m a veterinarian, their face predictably light up with a smile. It appears that most folks believe that vets are wonderful. After all, we clearly love animals and we must be very smart- everyone knows how difficult it is to get into veterinary school. In fact, people seem far less skeptical of their vet’s capabilities and intentions than they are of their own physician’s.

Time for a reality check……

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